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Samantha Stacey


Samantha joins us with her vast Biokinetics experience – She believes in identifying the cause of the problem as well as, all the influencing factors and addressing the individual needs of her patients.

Samantha enjoys the outdoors and supports her Family’s love for Motorsport, and hopes to race in the near future.  She plays Netball and as an Afrikaans Boere Meisie at heart, loves to cook and bake.


Services Offered

  • Orthopaedic Rehabilitation – Special interest in Knee, Shoulder and Back Injuries.
  • Chronic Condition Rehabilitation – Diabetes, Hypertension, Parkinsons etc.
  • Pre and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Muscle Strength Testing by means of specialised Isokinetic Equipment PAB®
  • Imbalance Identification and correction
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Corporate Wellness Days
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • Discovery Vitality® and Momentum Multiply Fitness Assessments


ThePAB® device measures strength as well as various other physical parameters in a valid and reliable way.

A PAB® device, when connected to a TOGU® air-filled exercise product, will communicate information to a computer which not only records and tracks the activity , but results are visually displayed on the computer screen as a strength and biofeedback graph.

All results can be saved for comparison to previous and future activity/exercise making it easy to determine the progress of the individual.

PAB® measures in millibar (mb) units and micro second intervals, thus making it highly sensitive that it is able to measure the smallest changes in air pressure output, ie strength of Muscle Contraction as well as any form of neuromuscular strength out,

PAB® has indicated a statistical, highly significant linear correlation with the kilogram unit as tested by Dr Andre Pienaar. The implication of this linear force pressure characteristic is that under these experimental and calibrated conditions, a measured increase in maximum or submaximal PAB® force value (mb) signifies a proportional increase in peak or submaximal external force (kg) or corresponding muscle strength.

Pilates at Pure Health Centre

Join Samantha our Biokineticist for our new offering of Pilates at Pure Health Centre

DAYS: Tuesdays and Thursdays
TIME: 07h30 or 17h30
PRICE: R300 for one class a week class
R450 for two classes a week

Book Early to Avoid disappointment