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Dr Erika Hart


Dr. Erika Hart is a Homoeopathic Practitioner, fully registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa and Homoeopathy South Africa.  She qualified with a Masters Degree in Homoeopathy Cum laude from the University of Johannesburg, writing her Master dissertation on the Ability of Tesla Coil Kirlian Photography to Differentiate between Homoeopathic Remedies and Potencies in her 6th year.   This stemmed from her keen interest in the dynamics involved in disease and natural methods used to facilitate true healing.

Dr. Hart has also completed the compounding and dispensing courses required by the South African Government.   She has since lectured part-time at the Complementary Health Centre for 5 years on subjects including Anatomy & Physiology, Dermatology, Chemistry, Physics, Counselling Skills, Diet & Nutrition and various practical components.

While spending time as a full-time mom to her two beautiful daughters, she continued her professional training under Internationally renowned Homoeopathic Physician, Dr. G. Wadhwani.

In returning to practice, she has a deepened insight into the importance of natural medicine in personal and family health.

Dr Hart’s Approach

 “It is far more important to know what person has the disease, than what disease the person has.”  (Hippocrates)

Her love for Homeopathy as a system of medicine started at a very young age, as it considers how each disease presents in each particular person – from the common cold to cancer.

Dr. Hart’s patient-centered approach aims at addressing causative factors and then using individualized protocol and treatment methods to restore organ & system function.   Treatment includes Homoeopathic medicine, Gemmotherapy, Nutritional and Neutroceutical interventions, and addressing lifestyle factors.

During consultation with all her patients, she obtains a comprehensive patient history, together with the indicated physical examinations, laboratory tests, blood tests and investigations including x-rays, ultrasound etc. to form a complete picture of a person’s current state of health.  She is passionate about exploring the specific disease presentation in each patient, addressing underlying issues and facilitating healing naturally and effectively.

Special interests

Dr. Hart treats every condition that does not require surgical intervention.

Her special areas of interest include:  

Family Medicine; Allergies; Women’s Health, ranging from Adrenal and Thyroid disorders, to autoimmune conditions, and Digestive disorders; Weight management.