Improve your Fertility and take back control

About the Speakers

Dr Bianca de Canha is a Registered Homoeopath with special interest in fertility.  She currently practices at the PURE Health Centre in Krugersdorp, a multidisciplinary practice geared toward the health and wellbeing of the whole family.

Dr Bianca De Canha will discuss what normal fertility is, explore the common causes of infertility and then offer health related suggestions to improve your health and this fertility.

Amanda is the cofounder of the MaybeMOM company.  She has had firsthand experience in the struggles that come along with wanting you own child and through this experience MaybeMOM was born.

Amanda will share her story with you, explore the products that she herself used in her journey as well as how they may aid you in your ultimate goal of pregnancy.  For more information visit the MaybeMOM website on

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