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Her new consulting rooms will be at:
289 Jorrisen Street

Suzette Weideman

Clinical Psychologist

Have you reached that point where things just got too much? Have you been the victim of a traumatic experience, are you going through a personal crisis or a relationship struggle? In times of need we often reach out to those nearest and dearest for help, advice or clarity. In some cases, however, we need someone objective and experienced to assist in gaining insight and regaining balance. Suzette can assist you to achieve that.

Suzette strives to work as integrated as possible, for this resonates with both her personality and her view of human nature.

Suzette Weideman works from a Rogerian perspective and often use Gestalt Techniques, Transactional Analysis and Ego State Therapy. In the practice she offers clients the opportunity to benefit from the therapeutic value of nature and animals through Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy workshops as well as her co-therapist Lilo (a very special dachshund). Ultimately, her focus is always Existential.

As Coordinator of the Crisis Service at the NWU-Potchefstroom Campus for 4 years, much of her professional time was spent in the field of Crisis Intervention and Brief Therapies. “In this fast-paced, quick-thinking, immediate-reaction world, my skills are challenged to the extreme and I flourish.”


Suzette specialises in the following areas

  • Coping with and growing through traumatic incidents, especially rape, including debriefing, procedures and protocols after the incident and long term therapy.
  • Therapy for people challenged with developmental and acquired physical disabilities and diseases.
  • Emerging adults and late adolescents facing stage of life crises, identity problems and relationship difficulties.
  • Animal Assisted Therapy, utilising the healing presence of, and interaction with, horses in nature and cats and dogs in the consultation room setting.
  • Couple’s counselling, parental guidance and family interventions for any issue or challenge effecting more than one member of your family, such as divorce, unresolved conflict, dependence, etc.