My name is Karen Bradford and I am a counselling psychologist practicing in the Krugersdorp area. I have a special interest in Death and Grief and this is what my workshop will be focusing on.

There are predominant theories that exist on Grief and these determine how professionals and counselors working in the field are trained. I have questions however, as to whether these theories actually fit in with personal experiences of grief? And what effects this then has on the support that grieving people receive?

If you or someone you know is grieving, why not come and attend an informal talk on the topic. You can make your own voice heard, or feel free to sit silently and listen to the experiences of others in the workshop. Space is limited as workshops are kept small to allow for people to feel heard and to be allowed to share their own stories.

Details of the workshop:

Venue:  Pure Health Centre – 218 Voortrekker Road, Monument, Krugersdorp

Bookings:  Email us to be notified when the next workshop will be held :